Spring – You have arrived!

Spring – You have arrived!

Okay, first of all I promised you a blog post on spring in my last post and we are almost 1 month out from the official start day (Mar 20th) of spring in Northwest, and now I am posting it! Yes – agreed it’s like I missed the memo, but to be honest I actually missed that spring has arrived until last week Friday, April 20th, because of the rainy and gloomy weather here. The official start day of spring didn’t resonate with me, due to the actual weather conditions here this year. But we got first spring like weather last Friday, April 20th and that worked it’s trick to get me into the spring mood, and I am sure it’s true for many of you as well, if you live in the northwest region. Alright, so now that we are finally getting our veggie gardens ready, making multiple trips to the nurseries, sipping mimosas in those cute floral dresses, letting our kids play & ride bicycles outside while we catch up on some juicy stories with our neighbors…let’s talk spring!

For how many of you the word “spring” resonates with new blooms, fresh new starts, birds humming around, and warmth in the air? If you said yes, let me tell you, lots of us feel the same way about spring.

Spring also is symbolic of new opportunities and second chances in life. Do you know that spring is the opportunity that Mother Nature gives us to fix things in our garden which didn’t turn out well in previous year? If your blooms were not good enough or some of your plants didn’t do very well, spring gives you an opportunity to fix those problems by doing right kind of soil amendments, moving plants to right spot (sun loving ones to sunny spot and shade loving ones to shady spots), and even for adding extra trees, plants or bulbs in the garden, spring is the best time. Believe me (I am saying this from my own experience) if you do it all right in spring, your garden will be the envy of all your neighbors and Facebook friends 😉

Do you see, the correlation between spring and second chances in life to fix things which wasn’t right earlier and the new opportunities to excel in areas you always dreamed to be successful in! So use the power of spring to breath in the fresh new energy into all segments of your life!

After a long period of cold, and cloudy winter days that we had this year, let spring unfold it’s beauty with blooms, wealth of opportunities, freshness and warmth. J

Okay, back to spring inspired décor/styling. While growing up, I always associated spring with beautiful flowers blooming all around. So, for a spring breakfast brunch, I went with these flowery tablemat from world market, which is screaming spring with its vibrant pink colors and flower design, a very simple but freshening flower arrangement, along with lemon and raspberry infused soda water. Enjoy and leave a comment if want to share your thoughts post reading this blog! J



















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  • Lakshmi

    May 3, 2017 at 1:47 am Reply

    Beautiful!! The cherry blossom effect is phenomenal. the photography along with this goes well:))

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