Spring Fever – Let’s add style to the wait !

Spring Fever – Let’s add style to the wait !

Living in a city which has almost five months of grey skies and frequent rains (on and off), really makes you appreciate spring and summer, more than any other place. And when you are in that boat, waiting for spring in late February and the first half of March, makes that one-month period more bearable and exciting than you would think!

For a warm & sunny weather person like me, the wait for spring is similar to the feeling you get in a long flight back home, after being away from home for a long time. Lots of anticipation and planning goes on in your head of the things that you would do when you reach home. And… when spring arrives, it brings all the freshness, newness and warmth in the environment, birds start visiting your backyard, plants start showing signs of new life, sun makes your stress and anxiety disappear with its light & warmth – Yes, it feels nothing less like preparing for a happy festival!

After hearing my love story with spring, don’t you want to know how I curtail my impatience to watch cherry blossoms and buying peonies from the farmer’s market!

Here’s is what I do, which makes me slide by the anticipation period and gives me a smooth landing into spring – Fresh Fruits, fresh flowers and light blue, green, yellow or pink seems like messengers of spring signaling, that spring is right around the corner.

Setting up a prop like the ones below, on the Kitchen Island or the dining table…gets me into the groove! So if you too are having a hard time waiting for the spring – hop on the bandwagon! 🙂







Wait… If you enjoyed going through this spring prep prop, which is just a teaser, then don’t forget to come back and check my next blog on Welcoming Spring very soon!!Enjoy!!



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