Anytime Décor, Grocery Budget and Special Occasions!

Anytime Décor, Grocery Budget and Special Occasions!

You have a party coming up or getting ready for a festive celebration, but your week had been slammed with deadlines at work or kids project’s & activities, you didn’t even had  a chance to think about the event you have planned and the D-day is here. You have got the food catered and outsourced games to friends but what about the décor to impress your guests?!! Well, don’t worry, you are not the only one experiencing this, most people face this situation in our extremely busy lives these days and I for sure fall in that category. I am always scrambling to get things together right before a party or any festive celebration. If you can relate to this, and you still want to accessorize your space to amuse your guests, that’s when your grocery trip comes handy!


Yes – just buy 2-3 bunch of flowers and create that dramatic look to impress your guests! Just make sure to pick the flower colors that compliment your home décor. Although most colors would fit in, due to exquisiteness of flowers, there are few cases when it would contrast with your décor and create distraction. For example, when you have all blue and white décor and you bring in Red roses.

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For a recent festive occasion, when I didn’t have the time to prep or even think, I picked up few bunch of roses. Next, I pulled out three festive vases from the kitchen cabinet. By mixing two different colors of roses, adding them to the vases, created three bouquets. Final touch was to place votive candleholders next to them alternatively.


And just like that, I had my drama ready in display!!


Remember that for creating a wow factor in a space, repetition is key, so you have to repeat the same items 3-4 times to create that astonishing look you want to create.  Specially, if you are going for modern sophisticated look then you want to repeat the same pattern multiple times. For a traditional, rustic or eclectic style, you could mix up different types of vases, flowers and more.


The best part is, this formula is independent of any particular occasion or season – you could apply this formula for any event, anytime….even for planning your little ones’ birthday parties!



So Relax and wow your guests just by doing your regular grocery shopping!!J


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