Five Minute – Easter/Spring Table Setting Guide

Five Minute – Easter/Spring Table Setting Guide

I love setting up tables for special occasions or even for normal weekends – It just makes a normal day feel special. And if there is any festival or holidays coming up, this gives me a free pass for decorating the dining table/kitchen island for the festive theme! However, I am always short on time, so my tablescapes are usually 5-10 min long setups unless I am planning a formal dinner/parties.

Sharing the 4-person Easter/Spring tablescape that I put together few days back along with tips/ideas to set up a theme table in 5 min using existing items around your house.

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Most of the things I used for this arrangement are the things I already had at my home, so no running to the store to buy anything! The Cherry Blossom flower branch I got from my friend’s place when I visited her over the weekend! Most of you could be lucky enough to have this tree at home and if not your friends won’t mind sharing some with you. J

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I already had the bunny tray that I had purchased few years back – You could use any bunny plate/tray or even your toddlers toy, to bring that Easter feel on the table (No Easter can be complete without Bunny, right!) I just placed the oranges on the tray, and told my 3 year old that those two bunnies are not sharing their oranges so she should teach them the sharing concept! My daughter really enjoyed this and had fun playing pretend game with those bunnies!

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I kept one more orange vase to bring more color contrast to the table and added wild bunch in the vase, which I had got for $2.99 from Trader Joe’s during my grocery shopping errand a day before. You could get any leaves bunch from your garden to get similar look! Idea is to just add few more greens to bring spring feel on the table!

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I jazzed up my organic looking white dinner plate by adding floral napkins with silver rings! And placed the coral fork and spoon, which I had bought on our recent trip to Florida Key west!

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This table arrangement may not be over the top, but I have realized overtime that with the kind of busy lives we have, it’s better to do something than doing nothing!

I think you would agree with me! Don’t you?

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I hope I inspired you to bring spring home, with minimal effort and money spent!




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